A little bit about me...

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Machell (pronounced Michelle) has a friendly, midwestern vibe that her customers get to experience when working with her; in addition, she's always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. 
Her background in the corporate world with a focus on client relationships, entrepreneurship, as well as leading and innovating on various boards, has served her well for a successful career change to Real Estate. Over the years, she has found herself advocating in many different avenues as the parent of a child with special needs and homeschooling her three children too. Machell explores many areas of Northeast Florida with her kids while homeschooling, so she has unique knowledge about the area to share with you.
No stranger to moving, she and her husband of 27 years made the decision to come south in October 2019 after many years in North Carolina and Illinois along the way. The minute they arrived in St. Johns County, Machell said she knew she was home.  
Now she'd love to be the solid friend in your corner, advocating for and helping you and your family with your moving needs. Give her a call!