An Unforgettable Anime Adventure at Nakama Anime Bar

An Authentic Anime Experience at Nakama Anime Bar

Do you or your kids have a love for anime? If so, I have a local fave for you! An authentic anime experience is hidden right here in northeast Florida. A karaoke lounge and sake bar! Nakama Anime Bar, is located in the heart of Orange Park.

The Anime Ambiance

Nakama translates to friend, and will wow you the minute you walk in the door. By day it is a place for family fun, and by night a bar for 21 and over to lounge with friends enjoying their shared passion. When I arrived at Nakama Anime Bar, I did not know what to expect, but from the moment you walk in you’re immersed in all things anime. The artwork on every square inch is captivating. We took in all-the-things to do and couldn’t decide where to begin, but there is something for everyone.

Karaoke and Gaming at Nakama

Once you get past nosing through the wide variety of Japanese snacks, candy, and picking out which anime keepsake you will buy, you the enter the bar area, and the karaoke-lighted stage and open mic draws you in. Want to plan a party here? There are private karaoke rooms too! To make a reservation, please call them at (904) 644-8967 or visit their rates & reservations page.

Food and Drink Choices

We must include another thing this bar uses to enhance your experience, food and drink! Nakama has you covered with Japanese staples and more. They have Stubborn brand craft fountain soda with fun flavors that you can mix up to create your own unique flavored drink. A fun favorite for all ages. This soda is also free of artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and high fructose corn syrup_so guilt-free right? You can also choose some Ramune, or marble soda, to wet your whistle. If you have a love for sake, then the fact that they have the largest selection of sake in N. Florida should entice you. Plus, sake flights, bombs, and cocktails will all add to your sake experience. Are you hungry? Well, they have an instant noodles selection to choose from that they can make to fuel you up for your encore.


I could go on and on about how unique and inviting this lounge is. You must see it for yourself; words will not do it justice. If you are searching for a place to hang out with friends and immerse yourself in your love for an authentic Japanese anime experience, you should make plans to visit Nakama Anime Bar soon. Let them know O.N.E. Florida Group sent you.