The Agricola Property, in Clay County, Florida

Redefining Suburban Living Through Sustainability in Clay County

The Agricola Property, a proposed planned community in Clay County, Florida, is the embodiment of one family’s deep-rooted connection to the state and their commitment to creating a lasting, positive impact on the region. The Agricola family, who has called Florida home for generations, is on the brink of transforming the county’s rural landscape with their innovative development project.


Located south of Green Cove Springs off U.S. Highway 17, the Agricola Property aims to redefine suburban living by minimizing car dependency and emphasizing the natural environment. The family proposes converting 3,145 acres of agricultural-zoned land into a planned unit development, which will include 4,000 residential units, featuring a mix of 2,170 single-family homes, 370 townhomes, and 1,460 multi-family units.

Vision and Philosophy

This is an illustration of one possible scenario representing the views of many of the participants and is not intended to be the only plan possible for this property.

What sets Agricola apart from traditional housing developments is its focus on preserving the environment and fostering a sense of community. Inspired by the New Urbanism movement, Agricola will be a “human-scaled” community, with mixed-use residential and commercial buildings situated within walking distance of each other. This design philosophy contrasts sharply with the car-centric layout of most Clay County communities, where residential and commercial areas are segregated and connected primarily by roads.

Development Details

AI interpretation of homes

Instead of the typical rows of cookie-cutter homes with manicured lawns, Agricola will feature native plants, community gardens, and farms. The development will also preserve its natural wetlands, create pedestrian paths, and dedicate approximately half of the property to green space. The developer has plans to collaborate with the Clay County School District to build three school sites within the community, with at least one likely being an elementary or middle school.

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Community Integration and Benefits

The development not only aims to enhance the quality of life for its residents but also integrates with the local community through job creation. The Agricola’s vision for this unique community stems from their firsthand experience witnessing the wonderful growth of the state, as well as the rampant, unplanned, and unconscious development that has turned much of Florida into a sprawling urban concrete jungle. They felt compelled to seize the opportunity to make a difference and create a lasting, impactful legacy for Clay County and all of Florida.Community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the project’s alignment with local values and sustainability goals.

Artist rendering of planned neighborhood


As the Agricola Property takes shape over the next 30 years, the family hopes to bring their knowledge, perspective, and expertise to create a sustainable, walkable, and community-oriented development that serves as a model for future growth in the region. By prioritizing responsible land stewardship and balance between development and preservation, the Agricola Property has the potential to redefine the way we think about suburban living in Clay County and beyond.

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