5 reasons you need a REALTOR for new construction

First of all, using a REALTOR when purchasing a new construction home will not cost you anything!

In the state of Florida the Seller pays the REALTOR’S commission fee, which in this case would be the builder.


REALTORS should not only be local experts that can help you narrow down location, but they should also be current on the builders inventory and pricing. Which saves you a lot of driving around and a lot of phone calls! The plethora of new construction communities can begin to blur together, so it is hugely helpful to have someone familiar with them all to help clarify


Site Agents or Builder’s Agents are working for the builder and have their builder’s interests in mind. Using a REALTOR during your new construction purchase will put someone on your side of “the table”. Your REALTOR hopefully will already have an established relationship with the agent and builder of choice which will help during negotiations. Additionally, your REALTOR should have relationships with competing builders and be knowledgeable on what promotions or incentives you should expect to be sure you are getting the best value.


There are a lot of “bells and whistles” to choose from when designing out your home, your REALTOR can help guide you on which upgrades give you the most bang for your buck and which to hold off on until after you close. They can also explain the appraisal process and what can happen if you get too spend-y at the design center.


You’re REALTOR should have a long list of vetted professionals to be able to provide you from; lawn care, moving companies, unpacking services, home inspectors, handy men, plumbers, electricians, roofers, cleaning services, and so on… Save yourself the headache of using someone without a reference and ask your REALTOR for a recommendation.


Your REALTORS job does not stop as soon as the contract is written, they should have a home inspector to refer you to and explain the key points during the process when you want to have an inspection done. Additionally, if you are an out of state/town buyer, your REALTOR can be your “feet on the ground” here to assist in overseeing the process. Our Real Estate Team offers weekly professional photos and videos throughout your new construction home build, which has proven to be priceless for our Buyers.

In conclusion,

we are the liaison between the you (the buyer) and the builder. Providing clear communication through our already established relationships truly makes a huge difference throughout the process. When something goes wrong you will want someone there not only to assure it’s corrected but to ensure the transaction can be as smooth as possible when things do get bumpy.

So, if you are considering purchasing a new construction home and these 5 points have helped you understand the value in having a no-cost-to-you REALTOR at your service, then please remember this FINAL KEY POINT – You have to have your REALTOR present with you when you visit the model homes. If your REALTOR is not present or has not made arrangements for your appointment on your behalf you may loose the opportunity to have your REALTOR involved through the process all togetherDon’t Invest in Your Florida Dream Home Blindly